Velocifero MAD 2000W
(with mechanical brakes)

MAD is a unique cross between a mini-scooter and an e-bike with a very original design: the bamboo footrest is reminiscent of the latest generation of skateboards, the thick tires give it a sporty look, and the set of accessories and the range of colors make it a product with a strong personality.

The MAD 2000W is designed not only for fun in the field, but is also a versatile vehicle for commuting, e.g. to work, school or shop.

It includes a removable seat and foldable handlebars to meet a variety of riding, transport and storage needs, while accessories such as a dual headlamp, handlebars and saddle bags increase its versatility.

BATTERY – 48V 12Ah or 48V 42Ah or 48V 52Ah, removable

RANGE – up to 30 km or up to 65 km or up to 100 km (depending on the selected battery)

TOP SPEED – up to 60 km / h

CHARGING TIME – 6-8 hours

External charger socket

Charger voltage 110-240V

MOTOR – brushless with a power of 2000W/48V

WEIGHT – 48 kg (with battery)

Electric ignition with keys

Acceleration with a roll of gas (rotary lever on the right side of the steering wheel)

Brake levers on both sides of the handlebar

Battery level display on the right side of the steering wheel

Light switch and horn on the left side of the steering wheel

Chain drive system with a guard

Chain reinforced and enlarged

Reinforced steel frame

6 ″ aluminum rims with large CST 145 / 70-6 ″ tire profile,

Dual headlight + rear LED lamp

Adjustable saddle height (between 75 and 80 cm)

Soft, non-slip saddle

Adjustable handlebar height (between 95 and 109.6 cm)

The possibility of folding the steering wheel, removing the saddle with its frame

The distance between the saddle and the handlebars ensures a straight seat (without the possibility of humping)

Front mechanical disc brakes

Rear mechanical disc brake

Single-arm, heavy-duty single shock absorber

Dual rear suspension


Version with a 20AH battery (range up to 30km) – 6 999 PLN

Version with a 42AH battery (range up to 65km) – 9 449 PLN

Version with a 52AH battery (range up to 90km) – 10 449 PLN

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