Velocifero MAD AIR 350W

The MAD AIR electric scooter by Velocifero is NEW FOR THE YEAR 2021!

It was designed by one of the leading designers Alessandro Tartarini, who has many years of experience in the motorcycle industry thanks to the Italian Italjet. All its products stand out from others with modern design, ergonomics and high quality.

Mad Air has a powerful 350W brushless rear wheel hub motor with a top speed of 25 km / h, unlockable up to 30 km / h! This means that the scooter can ride on public roads on the same terms as a bicycle. The engine’s maximum power is 350 watts, which means you get extra boost in shorter periods, which makes accelerating and going uphill much easier.

The MAD AIR scooter has a removable lithium-ion battery under the board with a total power of 350Wh (36V / 10Ah). In addition, the battery can be easily removed and loaded outside the scooter. The range is about 25-30 km when driving fast or about 30-35 km when driving economically. The tires are 10 inches in diameter and filled with air to ensure the best driving comfort on uneven terrain.

The scooter has 4 riding modes

-S (25km / h with unlockable)

-D (22km / h)

-Eco (18km / h)

– On foot (4km / h)

There is a smart digital LCD display on the steering wheel that shows speed, distance and battery status. The steering wheel also has a power regulator operated by the thumb on the right side and one brake lever. However, this scooter features double brakes – a disc brake at the front and an electronic (supercharger) brake at the rear, which are simultaneously activated by the brake lever. There is an LED lamp on the front and rear of the scooter with a brake sensor.

If you need to take MAD AIR on a trip, the steering wheel can be easily folded to save space. And its weight makes it easy to carry and lift.

Mad Air is protected against moisture in accordance with the IPX4 classification, which means its water resistance.

BATTERY – 36V / 10Ah Lithium-ion, replaceable

MAXIMUM SPEED – 25 km / h

MAXIMUM RANGE – approx. 30 km during fast driving or approx. 40 km during eco-driving (user weight 70 kg)


MOTOR – 350W brushless

LED lights front and rear (rear with brake indicator)

Magnesium frame (lighter and stronger than aluminum)

Electronic rear and front disc brake

IPX4 protection against dust / water (splash guards)

3.8 inch LCD screen


Tubeless wheels

Tires: 10 inch png”>”>umatic (10/2, 5-6.5)

WEIGHT – 13.5 kg


DIMENSIONS – 109x43x117cm



3 000 PLN

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