Velocifero Mini MAD 800W

The Velocifero Mini MAD 800W electric scooter was designed by one of the leading designers Alessandro Tartarini, who has many years of experience in the motorcycle industry thanks to the Italian Italjet. All its products stand out from others with modern design, ergonomics and high quality.

Mini MAD 800W is characterized by a very sporty and aggressive appearance, and a beautifully made bamboo board. It includes a removable seat and foldable handlebars and two small LED lamps on the front of the scooter. The model is relatively compact, and thanks to its light structure, it can be easily lifted, e.g. when walking up stairs or putting it in the trunk of a car.

A high-performance 800W motor allows the scooter to move at speeds up to about 30 km / h. In addition, the motor is integrated into one of the scooter wheels, which facilitates daily use and maintenance. Another advantage of the scooter is the lithium-ion battery that can withstand 2-3 times more charging cycles than a lead-acid battery.

BATTERY – lithium-ion 48V 12Ah or 48V 21 Ah located under a bamboo board, removable

RANGE – up to 25-30 km or up to 60 km (depending on the battery)

CHARGING TIME – 4-6 hours

External charger socket

Charger voltage 110-240V

2A charger included

MOTOR – brushless with a power of 800W/36V in the wheel hub

MAXIMUM SPEED – 30 km/h (with the possibility of blocking up to 25 km/h)

WEIGHT – 28 kg (with battery)

Maximum load capacity up to 120 kg

Electric ignition with keys

Acceleration with a roll of gas (rotary lever on the right side of the steering wheel)

Battery level display on the right side of the steering wheel

Light switch and horn on the left side of the steering wheel

Reinforced steel frame

11 ″ alloy wheels with large CST 90 / 65-6.5 tire profile

Dual LED headlight on the front of the scooter

Adjustable saddle height (72-77cm)

Non-slip saddle

Adjustable steering wheel height (92-105cm)

The possibility of folding the steering wheel, removing the saddle with its frame

The distance between the saddle and the handlebars ensures a straight seat (without the possibility of humping)

Mechanical rear disc brake


Version with a 12 Ah battery –  4 500 PLN

Version with a 21 Ah battery – 6 500 PLN

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